1946-1999 All CEFR B1 High school (grades 9+) Medium Length (up to 8 hrs) Novel Print

Howl’s Moving Castle

After unwittingly incurring the wrath of the Witch of the Waste, 18-year-old Sophie is cursed to live the rest of her life as an old woman. She sets off in search of heartless Howl, a wizard who presides in his ever-moving castle in the hills. Her journey to breaking the spell is also one of self-discovery. Sophie becomes more and more entangled with Howl, bargains with a fire demon and finally goes head to head with the Witch of the Waste.

Year of Release: 1986

Author(s): Diana Wynne Jones


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ISBN: 9780061478789 (2007 edition)

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The book was made into a film in 2004 by Studio Ghibli: – Students could compare the book with the film.

This book is part of the World of Howl series, which may interest students who want to find out more about Howl.