2000-2009 All CEFR B1 Extracts - Well Suited for Teaching With Extracts High school (grades 9+) Medium Length (up to 8 hrs) Novel Print

Just a Little Run Around the World: 5 Years, 3 Packs of Wolves and 53 Pairs of Shoes

After her partner dies of cancer, Rosie, heartbroken, sets off from Wales to run around the world. In what would become a five-year adventure, she faces harsh climates, packs of wolves, serious illnesses and faces many other challenges. This extraordinary journey helps her overcome her grief and find new joy in life.

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Author(s): Rosie Swale Pope


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ISBN: 978-0-007306206

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Extract and usage suggestions for teaching:

Instead of reading the whole book, chapters could be grouped by region (e.g. pages 121-172 for Russia, pages 173-235 for Alaska, pages 236-276 for Canada and USA). Different students read different groups of chapters and then process this in some way (e.g. presenting to the others verbally or via a digital story).

Further comments for teachers:

While reading the book from beginning to end, students can try to record and reconstruct an approximate timeline and locations and plot them on a world map. It will not always be possible to pin down exact places, but students can try to approximate locations as best as possible.

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