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Stamped (Racism, Antiracism and You)


In the past, people have exploited race as a means of segregation and silence in order to obtain and hold power. This remarkable rendition of Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s National Book Prize winner “Stamped from the Beginning” explores the background of racist beliefs in America and gives readers hope for an antiracist future. It guides you through the development of race from the past to the present and explains why racism still affects how we feel today. Furthermore, it shows that even if racist ideas have always been easy to create and propagate, they can also be refuted.

This book sheds light on the various insidious kinds of racist ideas as well as methods readers may recognize and eradicate racist thinking in their daily lives through a riveting, quick-paced, and invigorating tale written by acclaimed award-winner Jason Reynolds.

Year of Release: 2020

Author(s): Ibram X. Kendi & Jason Reynolds


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ISBN: 9780316453691

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