1946-1999 All Novel Short Length (up to 2 hrs) Tough Topics

No Longer Human

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This book is a semi-autobiography of Dazai Osamu where he talks about his alienation from society.

Year of Release: 1948

Author(s): Dazai Osamu


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ISBN: 978-0811204811

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The book is divided in three parts:
-in the first one, the main subject is the protagonist’s alienation from society
-in the second one the main topic is his first suicide attempt
-the third one mostly talks about his depression

Further comments for teachers:

I chose this book because, even if it covers plenty of difficult topics, I find the protagonist relatable in a lot of things. While I really love this book, which made me reflect a lot about life and mental health, I must admit that it isn’t something for everyone since the author’s way of thinking is very peculiar and it also talks a lot about things such as suicide that might be sensitive for some people.

This book also received two movie adaptations and several manga adaptations, with the most famous one being drawn by Junji Ito.